Follow the links to view our recorded speaker series! Listen in about incredible research, advice to early-career scientists, and the stories of our fantastic lineup of speakers.

2023 Seminar Series 

Dr. Xavier BasurtoView Recording
“Illuminating Hidden Harvests (IHH): The contributions of small-scale fisheries to sustainable development” 

Ethan Estess, M.S.View Recording
“Tunas and Trash: The surprising synergy between tuna research and marine debris art” 

Dr. Jessica Black –  View Recording
“Tamamta: All of Us

Dr. Verena WangView Recording
“Ontogeny, habitat constraint, and climate vulnerability in temperate marine fishes” 



2022 Seminar Series 

Miranda Bell Tilcock
View Recording
Dr. Adrian Munguia-Vega View Recording
Dr. Levi Lewis –  View Recording 
Dr. Katy Seto View Recording
Dr. Lauren Simonitis – View Recording

2021 Seminar Series – Recordings and Speakers

Dr. Solomon David: N/A

Dr. Sandra Correa: access video here

Dr. Gita Kolluru: access video here

Keith Parker: access video here

Dr. Maryam Kamran: access video here