Follow the links to view our recorded speaker series! Listen in about incredible research, advice to early-career scientists, and the stories of our fantastic lineup of speakers.

2024 Seminar Series 

Brook ThompsonView Recording

Rene Henery, Ph.D.

Alissa Takesy

Elizabeth Ruiz

Theo Claire

Alan Lovewell



2023 Seminar Series 

Dr. Xavier BasurtoView Recording
“Illuminating Hidden Harvests (IHH): The contributions of small-scale fisheries to sustainable development” 

Ethan Estess, M.S.View Recording
“Tunas and Trash: The surprising synergy between tuna research and marine debris art” 

Dr. Jessica Black –  View Recording
“Tamamta: All of Us

Dr. Verena WangView Recording
“Ontogeny, habitat constraint, and climate vulnerability in temperate marine fishes” 



2022 Seminar Series 

Miranda Bell Tilcock
View Recording

Dr. Adrian Munguia-Vega View Recording

Dr. Levi Lewis –  View Recording 

Dr. Katy Seto View Recording

Dr. Lauren Simonitis – View Recording

2021 Seminar Series – Recordings and Speakers

Dr. Solomon David: N/A

Dr. Sandra Correa: access video here

Dr. Gita Kolluru: access video here

Keith Parker: access video here

Dr. Maryam Kamran: access video here