Run for Executive Committee!

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It is hard to believe another year has passed us by and that it is time for SCMBAS elections again!

We are holding elections November 18-22 and are excited to meet new SCMBAS enthusiasts. To vote in this year’s elections, cast your vote in our ballot box outside office 156 in UCSC’s Coastal Biology Building

If you want to get even more involved in SCMBAS (recommended!), consider running for a position on our executive committee! Send a short bio and what position you’re running for in an email to our current president Doriane Weiler at [email protected] We have openings in the following positions:

President*: oversees a variety of educational, outreach, and professional development programs. Largest day-to-day responsibilities include overseeing subunit programs and events, conducting official correspondence for the subunit, and serving as a member of the Cal-Neva Chapter’s executive committee. The president also presides over subunit and executive committee members, writes proposals for grants to support our chapter members, and has the opportunity to represent the subunit at a variety of society meetings and events throughout the year—including the Annual Meetings of the Cal-Neva Chapter, Western Division, and parent society. *Requires previous ex-comm experience.

Vice-President: acts as a second liaison between the subunit and parent organizations. They aid in delegation of responsibilities and take on roles that need to be filled, such as designing programming. They work very closely with the president to identify new goals of the subunit and to delegate responsibilities as necessary.

Secretary: works with other members of the Ex-Comm to ensure meetings run smoothly, tasks are accomplished, and we continue to perform like a well-oiled subunit. Responsibilities include creating meeting agendas and taking notes during meetings, assigning follow-up tasks to members, managing the calendarproofreading proposals and grants, collecting newsletter content, and generally staying on the ball of the SCMBAS goings-on. Currently, the webmaster is also responsible for creating the bi-weekly newsletter. 

Treasurer:  maintains bank accounts and budgets. They are typically the liaison between the subunit and businesses in the case of fundraisers.

PR & Marketing: maintains and posts updates to our subunit website, Facebook page, and other platforms. This position also involves creating advertising materials for events, such as flyers and posters, and taking photos at events. Optionally, this position may also involve designing and ordering subunit merchandise.

Stream Cleanup Coordinator: coordinate San Lorenzo stream cleanups, organize teams on cleanup days, and select brunch location for after.