Run for ExComm!

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Voting will be by ballot box between Nov 15-Nov 17. Nominate yourself or someone you know (with their permission) by emailing us at [email protected].
You can find the ballot box at the following events/locations:
  1. Wednesday, Nov 15: Dr. Eric Palkovac’s seminar/workshop on river herring (Coastal Biology Building Redwood Room, 1:45-2:45 PM)
  2. Friday, Nov 17SCMBAS Happy Hour (Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery 4:30-6:30 PM)
  3. Continuously between Nov 15-Nov 17 outside CBB 162

“What positions are open?”

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Webmaster
See below for position descriptions.

“Why should I run for ExComm?”

“As President, I have had the honor of working with an awesome committee of officers!” – Katie Kobayashi, current president

“AFS was a great experience for me to blend food and fishery science and engage with a diverse group of fish focused scientists.” – Stephanie Webb, current treasurer

“[Secretary] is a flexible position which allows you to attend chapter meetings, create and host your own events within SCMBAS, and have valuable input about the direction of the subunit.” – Melissa Cronin, current secretary 

“It’s been great serving as the Vice President of the SCMBAS chapter and I’d highly recommend getting involved with the group! It’s easy to balance SCMBAS activities with graduate student responsibilities, and we’re a fun-loving bunch. Help us make the world a better place, and a bit more fishy!” – Joe Cutler, current VP

  • President: Develop and oversee a variety of educational, outreach, and professional development programs. Largest day-to-day responsibilities include overseeing subunit programs and events, conducting official correspondence for the subunit, and serving as a member of the Cal-Neva Chapter’s executive committee. The president also presides over subunit and executive committee members, writes proposals for grants to support our chapter members, and has the opportunity to represent the subunit at a variety of society meetings and events throughout the year—including the Annual Meetings of the Cal-Neva Chapter, Western Division, and parent society.
  • Vice-President: The vice-president acts as a second liasonbetween the subunit and parent organizations. They aid in delegation of responsibilities and take on roles that need to be filled, such as designing programming. They work very closely with the president to identify new goals of the subunit and to delegate responsibilities as necessary.
  • Secretary: The Secretary works with other members of the Ex-Comm to ensure meetings run smoothly, tasks are accomplished, and we continue to perform like a well-oiled subunit. Responsibilities include creating meeting agendas andtaking notes during meetings, assigning follow-up tasks to members, managing the calendarproofreading proposals and grants, collecting newslettercontent, and generally staying on the ball of the SCMBAS goings-on.
  • Treasurer: Treasurer is responsible for maintaining bank accounts and budgets. They are typically the liason between the subunit and businesses in the case of fundraisers.
  • Webmaster: This role involves maintaining and posting updatesto our subunit website, Facebook page, and other platforms. This position also involves creating advertising materials for events, such as flyers and posters, and taking photos at events. Currently, the webmaster is also responsible for creating the bi-weekly newsletter. Optionally, this position may also involve designing and ordering subunit merchandise.