President: Kat Dale

Kat is a second year PhD student at UC Santa Cruz working with Rita Mehta (UCSC) and Tim Tinker (former USGS). She is interested in the early life history of fishes, especially of diadromous species like salmon, sturgeon, and eels. Within this, she is fascinated by the migration, feeding ecology, ecological role of eel larvae. Kat is also interested in bridging the gap between computer science and ecology using high performance computing. Kat graduated from the University of Miami in 2015, and has worked for NOAA's Northwest and Southeast Fisheries Science Centers in Oregon and Miami, respectively. In her spare time, Kat enjoys geocaching, playing video games, skiing, devouring books (metaphorically speaking!), and doing art. She is honored to lead SCMBAS in its third year and welcomes comments and suggestions. For more information about Kat, click here.

Vice President: Melissa Cronin

Melissa is a Ph.D. student in the Coastal Conservation Action Lab at UC Santa Cruz. Her research focuses on evidence-based evaluation of the impacts of marine and coastal conservation management regimes, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of seafood eco-labeling campaigns. A former journalist, she is interested in exploring novel means of scientific outreach and conservation education. Follow her here for conservation news and narwhal pics.

Secretary: Sabrina Beyer

Sabrina is a second year PhD student in the Alonzo lab at UC Santa Cruz. She is broadly interested in how climate variability affects reproductive success and behavior in marine fishes. For her research, Sabrina collaborates with NOAA Fisheries to study reproduction in the California rockfishes. Much of her work involves collaborative fisheries research partnering with the local fishing community to collect data. She is excited to join the team as secretary!

Treasurer: Roy Qi

Roy is a PhD student in the Raimondi-Carr Lab at UCSC. He is interested in the appropriate spatial scales and geographic boundaries for regional fisheries management as a coupled social-ecological system considering both the biological resource as well as the human consumer. In particular, his research focuses on nearshore reef-associated species and fisheries along the coast of California.

Marketing & Public Relations: Doriane Weiler

Doriane is broadly interested in the eco-evolutionary dynamics of reproductive behavior, and is currently researching the subject in the Alonzo Lab at UCSC as a second-year PhD student. Her efforts currently focus on how mosquitofish harassment behavior impacts trophic cascades. Doriane enjoys outreach activities in the local community, from river clean-ups to teaching in schools, and is delighted to join SCMBAS and contribute to the expansion of the subunit. When she isn't thinking about fish (probably >1% of the time), Doriane likes to paint, peer at tidepool critters, and pet dogs. You can learn more about her here.

General questions? Send an email to SCMBAS!