Reflections on Fall 2016

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Thank you to everyone who joined us for pizza, beer, and subunit updates this past Monday. We had a pretty good turnout and enjoyed getting a chance to hear ideas from members. We even had a special guest — Norm Ponferrada, former president of California-Nevada Chapter, joined us all the way from Sacramento. Thanks, Norm!

This fall was the first transitional period for SCMBAS — executive committee members from last year transferred power to an almost entirely new set of people. It went smoothly, and the new executive committee set to work brainstorming how to grow SCMBAS as an organization. We have many accomplishments to be proud of this quarter, and hope to continue this in 2017!

A brief recap of what we discussed at the meeting:

  1. Events/accomplishments this quarter:
    • Mixer with MARINE
    • Launched collaboration with Real Good Fish
    • 100+ volunteer hours at restoration events and with Reel Good Fish
    • >$550 spent at fundraiser at East Cliff Brewing Co.
    • Website and social media overhaul
  2. Loch Lomond Restoration events
  3. 51st Cal-Neva meeting in Eureka, CA April 5-7
    • Members should alert the executive committee if they are interested in attending. Funding available through individual or group grants
  4. Merchandise possibilities: Stickers or grocery tote bags
  5. Seafood fraud outreach program
    • Members can volunteer to help with this project, hosted at Harbor High
  6. Upcoming events:
  7. Member ideas
    • Fisheries-related panel discussion (with representatives from all interest groups)